Friday, May 23, 2014

SAVE Recycling Survey

We've gotten some great responses for our recycling survey so far, with 269 submitted as of yesterday! They are now compiled into one document, and organized into an easier to read format. Check them out here; the first page consists of graphs for the multiple choice responses, followed by the long answer responses to questions 9 and 10 organized by topic. It's great to see all of the support for continued and expanded recycling services in our community!

We plan to share these results with the City & County Solid Waste Study by June 16th, but we are still collecting responses until then. If you haven't gotten a chance yet, please take our survey here, and pass it on to your friends and coworkers!

The City & County are also collecting their own trash and recycling community survey to inform the Solid Waste Study. Learn more about the study and take their survey here.

Decisions made as a result of the Solid Waste Study with affect trash and recycling services for years, so it's very important to show community support for a strong recycling program in Helena! Please make your voice heard!