Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Reminder: Helena Recycles Plastics!

We still get a lot of questions about recycling plastics in Helena, so we wanted to send a friendly reminder for folks who don’t know: The City Transfer Station has taken over plastic recycling from S.A.V.E.! Instead of our community recycling drives every two months, you can now recycle plastics ANYTIME at The Transfer Station. No more saving up closets full of plastic – the Transfer Station is open 7 days a week from 8am to 4:45pm.

Don’t have a permit for the Transfer Station? If you’re a renter in a 4-plex or smaller within City Limits, you may be eligible for a free recycling permit. Call 447-8086 for more information. If you are not eligible or live outside of City Limits, you can recycle at the Transfer Station as a cash customer for a $7.00 entry fee. More details on recycling permits here.

The Transfer Station also recycles container glass (such as jars or bottles – cannot be mixed with drinking/wine glasses or window glass!) and most other household recycling materials.