Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend Trash Pick Up

Letter to the Editor from the Independent Record on March 29, 2009.

Sunday Save

By William Shipley - IR letter to the editor - 03/29/2009

As I drove into town today, I saw something astonishing. There were mass amounts of garbage littered on the side of Canyon Ferry Road. This was only a section of my journey that got the gears turning in my head. Initially, I was watching a National Geographic film, "Strange Days of the World 2." What I found from it was how much of our waste makes it into the ocean. One might think that the plastic bag in their fence will never make it there, so why bother. Well, guess what? It can. Even if it doesn't make it that far, it can still affect our local environment. I am not an extremist by any measure. I am a concerned human being. In light of that concern I am going to take an action and make a proposal to you, the reader, the other human being that may be concerned. My action will be this: For at least one hour, every Sunday, my son and I are going to go pick up garbage and separate plastics, cans and paper for recycling. The money we get from this process will go to a local benefit or charity.

So, would you be willing to join us? I don't know where this will go; I just want to do my part. Bring some gloves, garbage bags and a truck if you have one. We will be starting in the parking lot of Shopko at 2 p.m. today. Just look for the little copper Toyota and the sign that says; "Sunday Save."

William Shipley

3025 Rag Horn

East Helena